Our Legal Team

Our legal team has over 50 years of experience in the trade line space.

Our Values


We understand that the client / lawyer relationship is based on trust and this necessitates a fully, honest, truthful, diligent and professional conduct.


We have the capacity and will to guide our interests and professional practices towards the needs, priorities and objectives of our clients.


Our clients are placed at the centre of our activities, we are always orientated to the satisfaction of their interests and improving the service we provide.


We work to increase the productivity and efficiency of each individual that forms part of our team, which creates a great competitive advantage in the sector as well as a closer relationship and greater dedication to our clients.


We are committed to continued training so as to guarantee the technical ability of our lawyers, the continuing update of all legislative changes in addition to always having a reliable, safe and updated legal opinion.


Our specialization in different legal areas determines a high technical level legal service with personalized legal solutions and high added value.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide clients with the information and advice necessary to make a well informed decision.

Our sole purpose is aim to educate our clients and potential clients about the law so they can become an authorized user or a provider to help them obtain the financial security/credit that they have been searching for.


This site does not do any business or transactions directly with consumers. All legal tradelines transactions are only done with brokers/businesses and credit repair agencies. If you do not meet the criteria above please do not enter site.