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In 2018, Legal Tradelines opened its doors to serve consumers all over the United States by providing low-cost alternatives for rapid credit enhancement.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio we focus on assisting clients and businesses to increase their credit scores by using tradelines. We strive to help our clients improve their credit through trust and education.

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Legal Tradelines

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We offer the opportunity to enhance your credit score by adding a credit card with a healthy credit history to your credit report. These credit card accounts have perfect payment histories, low balances, and are in good standing.

Once added, you will benefit from the payment history and see a positive change in your credit score.Clients from all over the United States have been approved for new homes, cars, solar systems, personal and business loans after adding our tradelines.

Legal Tradelines

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Legal Tradelines

How It Works

Legal Tradelines provides quality tradelines that give your credit score the boost it needs. Tradelines are great for establishing new credit, purchasing a home, renting an apartment, leasing a car and more.

Check out our Inventory; Legal Tradelines guarantees that our tradelines have low utilization and excellent credit histories. This grants you the greatest possible FICO®️ score boost.


This site does not do any business or transactions directly with consumers. All legal tradelines transactions are only done with brokers/businesses and credit repair agencies. If you do not meet the criteria above please do not enter site.